The Blogger

I have had a long-term interest in rights, freedoms, and liberties especially the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Including the growing class of rights under privacy. This is my first attempt at legal blogging so bear with me for a little while.  generally the theme will be on Charter Rights, Supreme Court of Canada, rights & freedoms, privacy, media.  Though this may expand into justice, criminal law, copyright, constitutional reform.

As far as personal background, I have studied law & rights all my life, to the point of achieving a B.A. Honours (University of Guelph) and a LL.B. Law (University of Ottawa).  I have worked in several areas of law including crown attorney’s office, private practice, general law, family law, and criminal law.   My hobbies including, writing, blogging, writing fiction, fitness & health, working out, and a lifelong interest in aviation and the military.  And of course I read a lot.


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