Legal Affairs


This blog is dedicated to Canadian legal affairs, law and justice especially the Supreme Court Canada and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

In Canada the Supreme Court of Canada is the final arbitrator and decider of what the law of Canada means including the Constitution (written, unwritten, statutory) and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms means. Canada’s constitution is a complicated affair just to find it. Unlike the United State which is based solely on a single written constitutional document, Canada’s constitution is based on many sources including UK Westminster statutes, imperial documents, letters patent, statutes of the Canadian Parliament, unwritten UK & Commonwealth conventions, unwritten Canadian conventions, common law, principles of Parliamentary democracy, Ancient charters (including the Magna Carta), Supreme Court Canada decisions and other court decisions. It is all summed up in the phrase “Constitutional Monarchy” with a Parliamentary democracy.

This is not a political blog as this is what the law or policy should be but a legal blog as in this is what the law says and means.

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