This commentary on criminal case in Nova Scotia involving racism, hatred, tolerance, Canadianism, freedom, liberty, and the consequences of hate crimes a must read.

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Justice Ted Scanlan, of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, has spent 20 years on the bench presiding over a grab bag of cases featuring an array of people accused of doing bad things.

Murderers, drug dealers, robbers and rapists, con artists and creeps. He had seen, as they say, it all, and then along came Katherine Feltmate, a 51-year-old grandmother with no prior criminal record, raising her three grandkids in New Glasgow, N.S., and charged with assault and criminal harassment.

“This is one of the most difficult sentencings that I have ever presided over,” Judge Scanlan wrote in a decision released last week. “This case stands out.”

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It stands out, both the case, and the judge’s poetic meditation upon it — which reads like a combination Canadian history lesson, civics text and sermon on the perils of racial intolerance and the values embodied by Canadian citizenship — because…

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