Supreme Court Canada Copyright Pentalogy

Supreme Court of Canada

  Supreme Court of Canada, Pentalogy (5) on Copyright law, broad interpretation of “fair dealing” helps Canadians, teachers, students, universities. But there was no striking down or striking out sections of Copyright Law as some media have reported.

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Canada is becoming increasingly user-friendly when it comes to the sharing of copyrighted materials after a series of Supreme Court of Canada rulings Thursday.

The top court widened the scope of what can be considered “fair dealing” — which helps determine who can use someone else’s copyrighted work — in a series of judgments that addressed teacher photocopies of textbooks and the use of digital music.

“There’s an overarching theme in all five of the decisons, which is a very clear message from the court about interpreting the Copyright Act in a way that is consistent with consumer values and technological developments,” said Jay Kerr-Wilson, a partner at law firm Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, who represented Canadian telecommunications companies in three of the cases.

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