Justice: Texas Style

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If you turn left past yonder y’all will run into Shiner Texas, population 2000, where folks are neighbours even if they only met once. Shiner is a sleepy town, eighty miles from San Antonio, where big-city crimes like rape and murder are far and few between. People are friendly and havin’ a beer on a Friday night is as wild as it gets, until a 5-year-old girl was sexually molested two weeks ago.

Her attacker was carrying her into a secluded area on her family’s horse ranch, when a witness ran to find her 23-year-old father, who heard her screams and scrambled to find ranch hand, Jesus Mora Flores, age 47, with his pants and underwear down, on top of his daughter. He flung the man off his little girl and began pummeling his head and neck with his fists.

Once his daughter was safe, he frantically dialed 911 telling…

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